We are thrilled to announce that HBO Poland decided to co-produce the documentary picture we are filming now. It definitely gives us more confidence and we do believe there could be no better partner on this endeavour then HBO. Now we're talking! :)  

Beside all the creative processes we are very familiar with, Buksfilm's expertise extends to European State and private equity funding. Apart from helping secure State's funds we can also source finance from a huge pool of interested private equity investors.

Penned by Yvonne Potter and Lea Sellers, POLA offers a window into the glamour and decadence of 1920s Hollywood. It's the story of Polish-born Pola Negri’s mercurial rise at Paramount and her struggle for survival in the world of gossip and rivalry. Pola's cat-like clashes with Gloria Swanson are legendary. The script covers her affair with Charlie Chaplin and later Rudolph Valentino, the love of her life and her greatest loss. She finally learns the difference between the lure of the bright lights and the depths of her heart.

Commenting on the project, Raf Buks said “Pola Negri is a strong character who was unique in her time. The script is compelling, emotional and well researched. I couldn’t be more excited about bringing this fascinating story to the screen.”


news: HBO joins the "pollywood" project!


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news: we are delighted to have optioned the screenplay of POLA.